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Independent Assessment

“Assessment is carried out by a suitably qualified Assessor who meets the requirements of the Awarding Body; who has not been involved in the training of the candidate and has no vested interested in the outcome of the assessment.

Assessment takes place after the completion of the training possibly on the same day or on another occasion.”



Our online assessment platform provides user friendly navigation allowing learners to take tests on a flexible basis

  • Sit tests whenever is most convenient for you
  • Receive performance feedback within seconds
  • Each exam is protected with a unique keycode, and different questions are presented to each learner every time 

Integrated Assessment

“Training and assessment are both carried out by a Trainer who is suitably qualified and meets the requirements of the awarding body.

Assessment takes place at intervals after each ‘period’ of training and can take place within the training programme. The candidate must be informed when assessment is taking place; i.e. when formal assessment begins and when it ends.”

Assessment must be a separate activity. The assessment cannot be carried out as part of the training activity or concurrent with the delivery of training.”

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