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What is an Assessor

To support our robust quality requirements City & Guilds Certificates of Competence Assessors must have relevant industrial experience and hold the qualification they plan to assess. They also need to maintain a CPD file and have an appropriate first aid qualification.

Assessment Methodology

We currently have three methods of assessment for our practical qualifications. The method of assessment required for individual qualifications is stated on the individual qualification pages of the website and also within the qualification documentation.

Independent Assessment

These qualifications can only be assessed by an Assessor who is approved and registered with City & Guilds NPTC. The Assessor must be independent and cannot have been involved with the training of the Candidate.

Non-Independent Assessment

Practical assessment with oral questioning by an NPTC City & Guilds approved Assessor. The Assessor can be the same individual who carried out the training or could be a different person. The Assessor must be approved and registered with City & Guilds NPTC. The assessment must be a stand-alone process that is separate to the training and cannot be spread out across the length of the training course i.e. the assessment is conducted at the end of the training course or on a separate day.

Integrated Assessment

These qualifications can be assessed by a Trainer who has trained the Candidate (a Trainer/Assessor) or by a third party (an Assessor) not directly involved with training of the Candidate, providing they are approved and registered with City & Guilds NPTC. It is envisaged that assessment will be carried out after all of the training has been completed. However assessment may take place at intervals after each ‘period’ of training and may be effectively integrated into the training programme. The Candidate must be informed when assessment is taking place in terms of when formal assessment commences and when its ceases. It is not permissible to assess whilst training is being carried out. Assessment must be a separate activity.

All of our qualified Assessors carry an ID card and are listed on the City & Guilds Approved Certificate of Competence Assessor Database. 

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Working with a Centre

City & Guilds work with a number of Centres throughout the country that register Learners and arrange assessments. Assessors are required to work through these Centres.  Your local centre will be able to give you advice on the range of qualifications and are the first point of contact if you are interested in becoming a City & Guilds Assessor. 

To find the nearest Centre offering your subject areas click on the Qualification tab, choose your subject area and qualification, then enter your post code in the "Find a Centre" box to obtain contact details.

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How to Become an Assessor for Certificates of Competence (Land Based)

If you are interested in becoming one of our Certificate of Competence Assessors you are initially required to contact your local Assessment Centre to establish if there is a requirement for Assessors in your subject and geographical area. It is our Centres that register the candidates,arrange the assessments and contact our Assessors directly for our practical assessments. They will be able to advise on local requirements for Assessors in their area. (Click on 'Centres' above)

City & Guilds requirement for Assessors is that they are competent and experienced in the relevant Land Based skills and capable of professionally and consistently applying national standards of performance that are recognised by the industry.

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Technical Evaluation

Technical Evaluation is defined as an assessment of technical skill and underpinning knowledge in a particular skill area to ensure that the quality of City & Guilds qualifications is met.

All potential Assessors must undergo a Technical Evaluation in their chosen qualifications in order to become an Assessor, or once they become an Assessor, to add further qualifications to those they wish to assess

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