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Free updating events on weed, pest & disease managment - If you haven't booked your place yet - they are going fast.

In 2017, the Amenity Forum will once again be holding a series of free Updating Events at locations across the UK. These events are half day in length and focus on short presentations covering current topics delivered by specialists in these areas. Apart from events in each main region of England, there will also be ones in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. They are being held in the period late January to early April.

If you are interested in attending, or know others who might be, you are advised to register your interest now by emailing Alan Spedding at  He can acknowledge your interest and provide the further information required as and when available. Wherever you live in the UK, there should be an event held not far from you. So whatever your role or interest, register now for these popular free information events. If you are on the Amenity Register, they also carry CPD points.

The dates and locations currently fixed are as follows:                              
Lincolnshire                        1st February
Cambridgeshire                  21st February
Wales                                  23rd February
Derbyshire                          28th February                                    
Yorkshire                              2nd March                           
London                                 7th March
Northern Ireland                   9th March
Cheshire                              14th March                                                                     
Essex                                   23rd March
Surrey                                  28th March                         
Devon                                   4th April
Dates to be announced very soon are for events to be held in Durham and Scotland.

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