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Replacement Certificates & ID Cards

Certificate of Competence Replacement Certificate / ID Card
If you request a replacement Certificate for a Certificate of Competence qualification, from the 1st of April 2014 there is a charge of £44 to carry out the search. If we are able to locate the relevant record, we will re-issue the certificate(s) relating to that qualification scheme code.  If we have a photo on the system, we will issue a replacement ID card as well. 

If you just want an ID card to be issued or replaced, there is a charge of £10. Payments are non-refundable and can be made by credit/debit card.

The process
• Application should be made by the actual candidate or by the employer on their behalf.  
• Employers applying on behalf of a candidate will need to provide a signed letter or email from the candidate to provide authority.  This should accompany the Search Request Form.
•Please allow two full weeks to issue your replacement(s)
•The payment of £44 or £10 is for one qualification scheme code    search only and is non-refundable. 

To order a replacement certificate and / or an ID card
Download the Application Search Request Form (see pdf below) and complete all mandatory fields

Help us to provide you with fast and efficient service by providing as much information as possible to help the search succeed.

Scan the completed form, including the debit/credit card detail section, and attach to an email, send to
•Post the completed form with debit/credit card detail  filled in and send to City & Guilds, Building 500, Abbey Park, Stareton,Warwickshire CV8 2LY. 

•If you would like an up to date photo for an ID Card, send  a ‘jpeg’ file attached to the email, or a passport size photo with the posted form.

•If you require written confirmation only, for a fee of £44 we can  list all qualifications recorded on City & Guilds letter headed paper, but a certificate  or ID card will NOT be issued. Written confirmation can be sent by email if an email address is provided.



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