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Understanding qualifications

This section explains about the different types of qualifications, levels and subjects that City & Guilds can help learners with.  There is lots of information to help make a decision on what is the best route for you to take for a successful career choice.

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Explanation of qualification types

We offer a wide variety of qualifications so that there is something for everyone - from those starting out in their careers to senior managers and master craftsmen and women.

City & Guilds qualifications can be undertaken in the workplace, in the classroom or workshop - or a mixture of the two.

Here's a brief introduction to the wide range of qualifications we offer.

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City & Guilds - History and Heritage

City & Guilds marries a long history of dedication to vocational education with investment in technology and a focus on helping maximise the success of their learners efficiently.

A prestigious history

City & Guilds has over 130 years of experience in vocational education, having been created in response to the needs of businesses to develop a pipeline of well-trained talent. We've continually built on that heritage to create vocational services that continue to meet the changing needs of businesses in the UK and around the world.

We work with over 10,000 centres worldwide and almost 2 million individuals trust City & Guilds with their futures every year.


Levels - How High Can You Go

Levels – How high can you go?
Whether you're just starting out or already senior in your industry, we can help you find the right level of challenge.

Not sure what a level 3 really means? Want to know how many GCSEs are equal to a level 2? Our quick look comparison guide gives you the low down.

See which level is right for you...



We divide our qualifications in to a range of subject areas

Forestry and Arboriculture



Machinery - Land based

Plant Machinery

Health and Safety

Pest Control

To find out more click on the box below to go to our qualifications page. When you click on subject area it will list all the qualifications available, click on your chosen qualification to download the qualification guidance document.