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Technical Evaluation

During this process an Assessor must demonstrate skill of their chosen qualification/s in the presence of a Technical Verifier. For a new Assessor, the end result of a Technical Evaluation forms part of the process of applying to become an Assessor. Their skill should be over and above that of a candidate for the Certificate of Competence and they should have a broader and deeper knowledge of the qualification or skill

The Technical Evaluation Standards

The Technical Evaluation standards and scoring system are to be used when technically evaluating a new or current Assessor. They help to standardise the process and support the Technical Verifier in giving qualitative feedback at the end of the process. Assessors must achieve a score of 4 or 5 for every element of the Technical Evaluation in order to be successful. Please email: for a copy of the standards.

An Assessor should always leave a Technical Evaluation with an action plan, full knowledge of their development needs and whether they have been successful or not.

Below are the new (2017) subject specific forms which will be used by the Technical Verifier during a technical evaluation.

Refer to the list of the titles and codes for all of the Certificates of Competence qualifications. Check the code for the qualification that you are to be technically evaluated in and then find it in the list below.

If you cannot locate the qualification that you require please email:


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